Laura Izquierdo Bosch

I’d say that my experience as a writer started at the pretty young age of around 6; I was that kid who forced her siblings and cousins to relentlessly rehearse the play she had written, all day –  there were to be no dry eyes in the house following our performance.

I gradually developed my creative writing skills as a hobby, and kept these personal musings to myself, which typically took the form of short screenplays, short novels, articles, or blog posts.

Having gained valuable experience in business-to-business sales, strategy consulting, and law, I decided to combine my formal writing skills with my creative flair, and pursue my ambition of becoming a freelance writer.

Thankfully, my experience and my interests span wide enough to keep me on my toes; and, importantly, to add value to a breadth of clients in a wide range of different industries.

I have strong technical writing skills, since my roles have often involved translating complex, technical information into comprehensive, clear, and concise texts. Specifically, I have experience working with clients in the energy sector, in banking, in the pharmaceutical sector, and in construction. Though don’t think for a minute that my interests stop there – whatever industry you operate in, I’m eager to find out more!

I am inherently inquisitive and enjoy conducting research, analyzing data and deriving insights that can change perspectives. But above all, I enjoy articulating these insights to persuade; to instigate change.

So whatever type of content you’re looking for, whether you’re looking to inform, persuade, inspire, promote, describe…you name it, I can help.

I’m all about collaboration and open communication; I’m here to make your life easier, and take work off your hands. But I don’t commit to something I can’t deliver. I set the bar high, but I’m about adding value. So get in touch, and let me know how I can do so for you.

If you too are looking ways to add value; whether you’re a professional, an entrepreneur, or an individual with a perspective to share, please visit the ‘Powerful Perspectives’ page.