Powerful Perspectives

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 The Powerful perspectives initiative is all about sharing valuable insights from people all over the world, to people from all over the world.

For most of us, our work consumes the majority of our time and energy. So, the objective of this initiative is to help individuals lead happier, healthier, more productive lives by sharing valuable career advice that will empower them to take ownership over their own career trajectory.

The idea stemmed from my deep desire to help young graduates transition smoothly (and sanely) from the world of university, to the world of work; to help them overcome the frustrations, the uncertainties, and the challenges that come from being a beginner in any field.

But the initiative stems beyond this. Career paths are more fluid than ever before; gone are the days where people had one role for the span of their adult life. Today, beginners come in all ages, equipped with varied experiences, and they’re entering rapidly evolving roles in rapidly evolving industries. Help is needed!

With this objective in mind, I’m inviting experienced professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals with an insight to share, to participate in short, 5-minute surveys that have the power to bring comfort, clarity and direction to those looking for meaningful career advice.

All those who sign up will of course receive a copy of the article. 

The focus is on sharing experiences from one’s career, though I welcome perspectives from all sorts of topics.

In addition, I am always interested in conducting interviews with anyone who has a story, and experience, or an interesting perspective to share. So if you’re interested in an article that’s all about you, please get in touch!