Thoughts from Limbo

with Laura & Nerea

Since launching our podcast in January 2021, we have welcomed over twenty-five incredible guests onto our show. We’ve spoken with entrepreneurs, creatives, athletes, thought-leaders, and U.S. Olympian Monica Abbott for the last episode of Season 1!

The podcast is designed to help you live life better. Join us on our quest to learn from inspirational people who can bring us some of the answers to life’s many questions. We speak to entrepreneurs, creatives, athletes, academics, thought-leaders, and friends about their career paths, life stories, failures, and successes to prove the world is rife with opportunity, and that the things we often deem impossible may just be, possible. We help you navigate the messiness of life – a life in limbo.

“I had a great time speaking with Laura and Nerea on their podcast! I shared how I went from being an engineer at Google to co-founding and becoming COO of Civics Unplugged, and we discussed a bunch of interesting topics, including productivity, teamwork, and work-life balance. I’m sure listeners will agree, we shared a ton of useful insights!”

Gary Sheng

Co-Founder & COO at Civics Unplugged | Forbes 30 Under 30

Heart warming, relatable, and motivational podcast! Left me feeling inspired to look at life differently. Can’t wait for the next episode!


Apple Podcasts subscriber

I was struggling to find a podcast that really caught my attention for more than two episodes and I’ve finally found it. In every episode you learn new things from very interesting people from a broad variety of backgrounds and life experiences. I very much recommend it! Keep it up girls!


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It was a true pleasure to be on the Thought from Limbo podcast. Laura has very clear communication, is a nice and positive person with a curious mind. She delivers what is promised and on time. I would happily work with Laura again!

Mikaela Larsell Ayesa

Co-Founder & COO at Future Closets AB | Forbes 30 Under 30

Loved it! So inspiring, interesting and insightful. Can’t wait to hear more!


Apple Podcasts subscriber

 I wish I was in the room with you guys! Super insightful conversation, highly recommend!!


Apple Podcasts subscriber

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