I work closely with founders who feel ready to share the learnings they’ve acquired along their journey. I help them build an engaged following of aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders who are eager to learn; positioning my clients as go-to experts in their field. Through storytelling, I write high-quality thought leadership articles in my client’s voice that always involve a sweet combination of relatability and actionable value.


Editing & Curation

I have worked on multiple platform-curation projects, strategically selecting top-quality community-generated articles and posts with the aim of increasing the value of the content available to the audience and encouraging community engagement. 

The quality of the edit always defines the quality of the content. I have worked on many editorial projects, including editing articles, book proposals, and website copy. 



Consistency is key when it comes to building an audience. I help clients looking to build a writing habit and start a blog, design sustainable writing routines, and publish high-quality content.

For those keen for me to take the reins, I design content creation strategies and write regular blog posts to grow their business. These include thought leadership articles, blogs about industry trends, podcast episodes, and educational blogs designed to boost their SEO. 



I wrote scripts for six 10-episode series of videos for Emeritus’ new e-learning app. The topics were largely focused on entrepreneurship and self-improvement, and combined both creative storytelling and informative learnings: 

  • What You Can Learn from Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • 10 Lessons for a Successful and Happy Life from Kevin Hart
  • 10 Keys for Success as an Entrepreneur from Jessica Alba
  • 10 Lessons for Sustainable Success from Tim Ferriss
  • Lessons From Some of the World’s Top Women in Business
  • Lessons from some of the world’s underrated entrepreneurs – the mature and the up and coming